update June 20th 2016: Best of Pokey issue 3 added to online editions

Welcome to the site of Pokey's Magazine!

Stichting Pokey (The Pokey foundation) has been the only Dutch source for Atari 8-bit in the nineties. Fifteen years after the seize of Stichting Pokey, we have now decided to publish all issues of Pokey's Magazine (Dutch) and The Best of Pokey (English) on the internet. You can find them in the download section.

In the next few months we will expand pokey.nl to bring you more information, interesting documents and games of ANG Software.

You can find the famous Dutch Magazine "Mega Magazine" in English here: http://www.ataripreservation.org/websites/freddy.offenga/megazine/index.html

We hope you will enjoy the site and join us in our guestbook or forum! (the internal section is at the bottom)

John Maris & Fred Meijer